Kenneth Null

As an accomplished entrepreneur, Kenny brings extensive experience in building and selling successful e-commerce websites. With a keen eye for market opportunities, he excels in conceptualizing and coordinating projects while effectively managing company growth and profitability. Prior to this role as CEO of BlockSafe, he co-founded New Era Assets, driving innovation in the industry. With his dynamic leadership and business acumen, Kenneth is dedicated to driving the success of our organization while upholding BlockSafe’s goals and values.

Nathanael Cook

Nate brings with him extensive experience as a registered architect in the construction and design industry to BlockSafe. Leveraging his expertise in project structure, design coordination, and client collaboration, Nathanael optimizes our operational processes, focusing on streamlined project management, resource allocation, and timeline management. With a keen eye for design and a passion for innovation, he integrates his architectural perspective to enhance workflow efficiency, coordinate cross-functional teams, and ensure seamless project execution. Nathanael's ability to bridge the gap between design and development enables him to drive operational excellence while upholding both clientele and BlockSafe’s  goals and values.

Hayden Williams

Haydo has a diverse skill set in delivering content, honed through his experience founding a wellness business and promoting health and safety in the mining sector.
At Blocksafe he is focused in marketing strategy, project management, and startup growth. In his role as Head of Marketing for BlockSafe, Hayden is responsible for overseeing and coordinating marketing activities. He drives brand awareness, develops marketing campaigns, and identifies new growth opportunities. Having experience in Web3 technology and always at the forefront of creative technological solutions, Hayden's initiatives effectively align with BlockSafe’s goals and values.

Jay Brown
Deputy Chief Operations Officer

Jay is an accomplished professional in operations and client relations. With experience in managing operations and fostering strong client relationships, Jay excels in ensuring streamlined processes and delivering exceptional service. His expertise includes community management, social media marketing, graphics, and online community moderation. Jay's skills also extend to digital print and marketing coordination, where they have successfully contributed to the growth and success of various organizations. With a solid background in IT support and service desk management, Jay brings a comprehensive understanding of information technology operations. His commitment to operational excellence and client satisfaction make Jay a valuable asset to BlockSafe’s success in delivering seamless operations and building strong client relationships.

Joe Dorf
Deputy Chief Marketing Officer

Joe’s background in start-up ventures and food service operations brings a wealth of experience to marketing and client relations. As a co-founder of multiple companies, including a rotating food truck service and a ghost kitchen, Joe has demonstrated his expertise in business ownership, user experience, and start-up leadership. He has successfully organized hospitality services, developed innovative brands, and managed customer success initiatives. At BlockSafe, Joe utilizes his skills in marketing, project management, and blockchain technology to drive BlockSafe’s growth and success.

Michael Carter
Head of Outreach

Michael is an experienced professional in outreach and business development. With a diverse background in the blockchain industry, Michael previously has served as a Business Development Advisor for a Layer 1 blockchain, as well as advisor and strategist for projects in the web3 media and entertainment sector. Michael’s specialties reside in enabling businesses to incorporate sustainable relationships and project growth models. With exceptional skills in public relations and social media, Michael plays a vital role in forging partnerships and cultivating meaningful relationships. His expertise and passion contribute to the growth and success of BlockSafe’s outreach efforts.

Clayton Cruse
Legal Counsel

Clayton has a diverse background in business development, legal advisory, and compliance, Clayton brings extensive expertise as BlockSafe’s legal counsel. Currently serving as Counsel at Evergreen Legacy Planning, LLP and providing legal advice to BlockSafe on company operations. Clayton demonstrates his strong understanding of legal principles and their application in the technology industry. With previous experiences as a Chief Compliance Officer and working for the U.S. House of Representatives, Clayton possesses a comprehensive understanding of legal frameworks and regulations. Clayton's proficiency in strategic decision-making plays a crucial role in ensuring compliance and legal protection.


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